What is (was) TIMP?

They Is My Pronoun (TIMP) was an interactive guide to using gender-neutral pronouns and supporting people who use them, active from June 2012 to June 2020. I answered user questions, posted my own thoughts and shared resources. All questions were very welcome here, even if the asker worried that they were silly or even insensitive.

TIMP is now also available in book form, more or less (more, really).

One comment

  1. I have terrible internalized homophobia and transphobia. It’s terrible and I hate it. I live in a religious household, my dad is a bishop for the Mormon church. I always have been told that marriage is between a man and a woman, while I’m AFAB and like women, and nonbinary. I find myself criticizing myself for who I am, and worrying that I’m not valid.
    I have awful chest dysphoria at school. To the point that I am having panic attacks every other in-person school day, and I am only able to go on two days because of covid, so that’s kinda bad. I have a large chest for my size, and binding helps a little, but is never enough. Does that make sense? Oh well.
    My parents know a little bit about how I feel towards my gender, but kind of ignore it (and I do too, because I’m scared). But even though I asked them to at least stop referring to me as their “little girl”, but my mom forgets and my dad deliberately uses gendered terms in front of me, which is a little upsetting.
    Will I ever feel good about myself? How can I make myself feel more comfortable with the fact that I’m not the gender I was born with? I see trans and enby people on Youtube and in the media, and they seem so comfortable with talking about it, whereas I just want to curl up in a little genderless ball and go to sleep.
    Sorry, this was mostly rambling.
    Thank you for your time.


All questions and comments are welcome. You can ask an anonymous question to TIMP at theyismypronoun.tumblr.com.

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