Gender Identity and Crisis Resources

[TIMP is now archived. The information below is retained for archival purposes, but is no longer necessarily current as of June 2020.]

I know that figuring out needs around gender can be difficult and isolating, and while I wish I could offer individual support for things that aren’t mainly about language and behaviour (i.e., stating/having your language-based needs met, and meeting others’ needs around language), I’m going to instead refer folks to resources that are more accessible and qualified. If your question to TIMP is more about other kinds of gender identity- or expression-related needs and I have not responded, this is why.

If you are in crisis, or if you would like a trans-specific resource, the Trans Lifeline is here for you. Please give them a shout.

If you are having trouble figuring out how gender works for you or if you’re not having your (other) gender-related or other needs met by people in your life (whether parents, friends, partners, teachers, or family members), consider accessing the information and supports offered by Kids Help Phone. They have excellent resources on gender identity for people of all ages, despite the name. There is a wealth of information and a toll-free phone number for real-live support as well as an LGBTQ discussion forum moderated by counsellors. Their list of gender identity links is a great place to start reaching out and finding community. They even have specialized information for partners. Kids Help Phone also runs an adult-focused service for post-secondary students (but I encourage anyone to use it regardless) called Good2Talk. While both Kids Help Phone and Good2Talk are Canadian (and might screen for Canadian phone numbers but I am unsure about this), the online information and discussion forums are accessible to anyone.

Please get in touch if you have a resource you would like to share that offers similarly direct support.